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Asian Mobile Accessories Ltd. (AMA) 的宗旨是「永遠積極主動」,這是意味著我們喜歡創造新的想法和產品,激勵我們的生活,繼續保持我們的生活質素。

手機已是我們日常不可劃缺的產品,我們提供各種移動配件。 如藍牙音箱,耳機,筆記本電池組,汽車配件,手提電話配件 等等。 我們還提供家居小飾物,汽車裝飾,玩具, DIY 精品等等,以便客戶可以用它們來點綴自己的生活環境,突破枯燥的傳統框框,享受每天面對的事情,達到「永遠積極主動」的目標。

Asian Mobile Accessories Ltd. (AMA) aims to " Always Motivated & Active" . This means that we like to create new ideas and products that inspire our lives and continue to maintain our quality of life.

Mobile phone is our daily indispensable products, we provide a variety of mobile accessories. Such as Bluetooth speakers, headphones, laptop batteries, auto parts, mobile phone accessories and so on. We also provide home accessories, car decorations, toys, DIY boutique, etc., so that customers can use them to decorate their living environment, break through the boring traditional frame, enjoy the things that face every day to achieve " Always Motivated & Active " aims.